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Three security associations representing Malaysia’s security personnel have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the aim of enhancing the security industry and the quality of their services.

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Three associations representing security guards have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the goal of improving the security guard industry and their service quality. These associations include the Private Security Officer Association of Malaysia (Priss), the National Security Guard Association in the Malaysian Peninsula (Kespa), and the Security Industry Association of Selangor and the Federal Territories (Swiss).

Swiss President, Tan Sri Musa Hassan, stated that the main objective of the MoU is to provide professional training and recognized skills for security guards, giving them opportunities for meaningful career development. Musa emphasized that currently, there is no similar training specifically for those working in the local security industry, leading to unfair treatment, especially in terms of salary and benefits.

Swiss will start by offering three courses related to security training and assessment this year for individuals working in security. This training will equip them with knowledge related to their roles and responsibilities, while creating opportunities for advancement and salary increases within the industry.

Also present at the MoU signing ceremony were Kespa President Mohd Ali Ibrahim and Priss President Mohd Qadirsyah Abdullah.

Mohd Ali stated that the MoU could benefit around 150,000 security guards in Malaysia. Security guards face various issues, especially in terms of payment and benefits. It is hoped that this MoU can address the challenges faced by security guards, allowing the domestic industry to continue developing and competing with partners in other countries.