Our Beliefs

Core Values Shaping Our Work Culture at FAIRVIET

Striving for Goodness and Kindness: At FAIRVIET, we believe that life is an ongoing journey towards better things. This is not just a personal goal but the guiding philosophy of the entire FAIRVIET team. We consistently place our faith in the power of positive action and kindness in every decision and interaction. With pride and passion in our work, we are firm believers that setting goals and working diligently will create prosperity for both businesses and the workforce. 

Creativity and Innovation: FAIRVIET is not just an organization; it’s a continuous journey of creativity. The birth of FAIRVIET is the result of the founder, Ms. Hồ Hoài Nhung (Eudora), and the core team’s unwavering commitment to learning and relentless innovation. We constantly improve by applying practical knowledge, conducting regular assessments, and continuously refining the FAIRVIETMAX methodology to establish and maintain high standards of responsibility in the security service industry. We believe that creativity and innovation are the keys to achieving progressive solutions, technology transfer, and meeting the diverse needs of businesses across various sectors. 

If you are someone who aspires towards goodness and kindness, takes proactive action, and possesses deep industry knowledge, please visit our “Career Opportunities” page to learn more about career prospects at FAIRVIET.