Shaping Standards. Sustaining Prosperity.

FAIRVIET is a responsibility standards consultancy for the security services sector. Our primary focus is to provide guidance and practical solutions to promote responsible supply and utilization of security services. Responsibility extends beyond business operations and growth; it is also integral to the well-being and progress of the entire workforce community.

FAIRVIET - A Name of Strength and Value

FAIRVIET is a fusion of two words, “FAIR” and “VIỆT.” “FAIR” embodies the idea of fairness, like a guiding beacon of light. It’s not just our goal; it’s the principle from which we’ve built our foundation. In a fair environment, every individual and business has an equal opportunity to thrive and contribute to a better future for society. At FAIRVIET, we are committed to upholding this spirit of fairness at all times, from consultation to community building, to bring equity and opportunity for all.

Purpose Statement as Guiding Principles

Our purpose is to shape a generation of responsible security service providers and developers through systematic approaches that break free from old perspectives and habits, fostering prosperity for both businesses and the community.

FAIRVIET has been formed with a mission to transcend current limits. Our team consists of experienced business professionals with a deep understanding of real-world practices. Together, we strive to make a real difference and build a more equitable economy, where value is measured by shared prosperity and respect for all.

Join us on a new journey – a journey of community building for those who share a commitment to social responsibility in the provision and use of security services.